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Policies, Procedures and Approvals

Explore Policies, Procedures and Approval Flow at NOSM

School-wide policies, procedures, forms, and guides communicate NOSM’s expectations, enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and support compliance.

The Office of the Dean, along with the Corporate Secretary, Manager of Policy and Governance Relations have reviewed and updated the Policy, Procedure and Approvals process in the Office of the Dean and for the Governance of the School. The Policy on Policies Policy and Procedures document is currently under review.

Developing items takes time and there are certain elements and steps in the process, to assist the Office of the Dean has developed the following resources:

Updated Supporting Documentation– The following documents may be required as part of your submission:

  • Briefing Note TemplateRequired for all submissions to the Academic Council and Board for review.  Use this updated ‘with directions’ form to outline the rationale and how it will fulfill various requirements. *Updated October 2020.
  • Policy TemplateRequired for all new and revised policies being submitted for review. Use of this template ensures consistency.  As old policies are revised, please bring them up to date using this updated and unlocked format.  *Updated October 2020 – unlocked.
  • Procedure/Guideline Template – Required to be used if your policy requires specific procedures to be followed. Not all policies will require a procedures document, while others may require more than one. *Updated October 2020 – unlocked
  • Terms of Reference Template – Required to be used to develop the terms of reference for a group, committee etc.  *Updated October 2020 – unlocked

A template folder can be found on Document Central

Other Resources – Bourinot’s Rules, Meeting Order, Presentation and consent agenda information can be found here:

Document Central – All Portfolios are required to upload the most recent policy, procedure etc to document central via a link to the original document or upload a copy of the document itself.

Gina Kennedy, DTM
Corporate Secretary, Manager Policy and Governance Relations
Northern Ontario School of Medicine at Laurentian University

email: |