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Governance FAQ and Resources

This section contains resources, links and tools to assist in items related to NOSM’s Governance.

What is NOSM’s Governance Structure?

NOSM has a bi-cameral governance structure that is the norm at most Canadian universities.  This means “two chambers” and comprises of a Board of Directors (financial responsibility) and an Academic Council (academic responsibility).

When are the meetings?

      • The” href=””>Board of Directors meets approximately 4 times per academic year. 
      • The Academic Council meets approximately 4-6 times per academic year.

If I want to be a member of the Board or on the Academic Council, how do I apply?

How do I know when meetings are taking place?

There are prepared schedules located on the respective webpages.

What happens if I go on sabbatical or leave-of-absence?

In the event that the member elected to the Academic Council is approved for a sabbatical or takes a leave-of-absence, the position shall be declared vacant until elected by a member of their respective Division for the duration of their absence.  Email information to

What do I do if I am unable to attend a meeting?

Directors are expected to attend all meetings, with a minimum requirement of 75%. If a meeting can’t be attended in person, members can attend through electronic means. Otherwise, the Chair will need to be notified of the absence.

Council members are expected to attend and be prepared for meetings and provide advance notice to the Secretary if unable to attend.


How can I join a committee?

For a Director position: Pursuant to the provisions set out in NOSM’s By-Laws for membership on the Board of Directors (Sections 13, 16, 17, and 19) and on Board Committees (Sections 35, 36, 37, and 40), the Nominations Process for the Board of Directors and for Director and Non-Director Members of Board Committees sets out the systematic, transparent, accountable and fair processes by which the Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Governance Committee and the Nominations and Community Relations Sub-Committee, shall approve the nomination of candidates for the positions of Director, Board Committee Member and Board Committee Chair.

For a Council position: The Secretary of Academic Council issues to all members of Academic Council or respective Divisions a call for nomination or request for volunteers for the vacant position(s).

Am I obligated to do committee work?

Directors are expected to serve on at least one Board Standing Committee. See Responsibilities and Expectations of Individual Directors.

Members of Academic Council are encouraged to serve on a committee.

Are meetings open to the public?

Guests may attend Board and Academic Council meetings with the consent of the meeting at the invitation of the Chair or CEO. The exception are closed meetings of either Governance body.

Where can I find information about WebEx?

Meetings can be attended in person at either site location, by phone or by WebEx.

For the Board of Directors, there are 2 face-to-face Board meetings per year.  The agendas and reminders include all connection and location information.

For the Academic Council, pending on the need, Council now holds one face-to-face approximately every three years. (subject to change)

How do I join a WebEx?

The link for WebEx will be provided to you prior to the meeting.

For a tutorial for how to use WebEx see:

What are my responsibilities as Chair of a Committee?

The responsibilities for the Committee Chair are forming agendas, work plans, providing leadership, expertise, reports, and mentorship to the group, and also to advise the Board Chair and Secretary of the issues addressed. For a full description of the position see Position Description Board Committee Chair.

Where can I find out more information on the Board or Academic Council?

There are sections on the website for each which can be accessed by clicking Board of Directors and Academic Council here or on the side.

For more information, you can contact the Secretary, Gina Kennedy at 705-662-7206 or by email


I have incurred travel expenses for a Board or Academic Council meeting, what forms do I use?

For pre-approved travel expenses the policy and forms can be found under Travel Management and General Expenses Protocol and the form Travel Expense Summary-AUG2016 (3)


I would like to view the most current media reports

For the most current and up to date information, please visit the Public Relations and Communications page

Bourinot’s Rules of Order: Introduction

Proposals, Action Items, or Information Items to Board or Academic Council
[Formerly Submission documents]

Below are the new templates to use for the Board of Directors, Academic Council and their respective committees.  When preparing these documents they should be no more than 3 pages in length. If papers require significantly more pages, allow for detailed information to be included in appendices rather than the text of the submission itself.

Other Templates

In order to maintain consistency, below are templates to be used when submitting to either the Board of Directors or the Academic Council.  They may also be used in other areas of the School.

For uses other than Governance, these templates are a guide. Please consult with your unit/program.

In the event of a discrepancy between the web site version and the approved version, the latter shall govern.<

For more information or for assistance in completing the forms, email