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Membership, Elections, and Vacancies


Ex-Officio Members

Chair: Dr. David MacLean (2020-2022)

Vice Chair: To Be Announced

Dean Dr. Sarita Verma Ex-officio
Vice Dean Academic Dr. Catherine Cervin Ex-officio
Associate Dean Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Brian Ross Ex-officio
Interim Associate Dean Postgraduate Education Dr. Rob Anderson Ex-officio
Associate Dean Research Innovation and International Relations Dr. David Marsh Ex-officio
Associate Dean Faculty Affairs Dr. Harshad Telang Ex-officio
Associate Dean Continuing Education and Professional Development Dr. James Goertzen Ex-officio
Assistant Dean of Admissions Dr. Owen Prowse Ex-officio
Director, Research and Health Sciences Library Patty Fink Ex-officio
Heads of the Academic Divisions Dr. Barb Zelek (Clinical Sciences)

Dr. Douglas Boreham (Medical Sciences)

Dr. Elizabeth Levin (Human Sciences)




Provost and Vice President Academic, Lakehead Dr. Rhonda Koster Ex-officio
Dr. Marie-Josée Berger Ex-officio

Elected Members

Human Sciences Division Dr. Elaine Hogard

Bruce Weaver



Dr. Patricia Smith

Dr. Ryan Tonkens



Medical Sciences Division Dr. David MacLean




Dr. Neelam Khaper

vacant (Alain Simard)



Clinical Sciences Division Britton Sprules

Dr. John Lanthier

Dr. Rayuda Koka

Ashley Hurley

Dr. Dave Savage

Dr. Paolo Sanzo







Dr. Popuri Krishna

Dr. William Hettenhausen

Dr. Frances Kilbertus

Dr. Emmanuel Abara

Christopher Winn

Dr. Elaine Innes







Indigenous Academic Dr. Kona Williams 2020-2023 Dr. Darrel Manitowabi 2020-2023
Francophone Academic Dr. Roni Atoui

Dr. Laura Piccinin



Dr. Paul Miron

Dr. Chris Kupsh



MD Students Alison Lewis

Émilie Tremblay St-Aubin



Yue Sun




Postgraduate Trainees Dr. Andres Griborio Guzman 2019-2021 Dr. Pascale Brown 2020-2022
Health Sciences Learners from within the dietetic internship, medical physics residency,or the physician assistant programs. Adriana Bressan (NODIP) 2020-2022 vacant (new position)

Committee Chairs on Membership

Admissions Committee Dr. Owen Prowse Ex-officio
Academic Indigenous Health Education Committee (Approved establishment 10-10-2019) Dr. Joseph LeBlanc Ex-officio
Appeals Committee Dr. David MacLean Ex-Officio
Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) Advisory Committee Dr. Stephen Cooper Ex-officio
Governance & Nominations Committee (GNC) Dr. David MacLean (until filled) Ex-officio
Graduate Studies Committee Dr. Alain Simard Ex-officio
HS IPE Advisory Committee Committee on Hiatus 
Postgraduate Education Committee Dr. Rob Anderson Ex-officio
Research Committee Dr. TC Tai Ex-officio
Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Committee Dr. Brian Ross Ex-officio

Ex-Officio Non-Voting

Ex-Officio (non-voting)
 Director Indigenous Affairs – Yolanda Wanakamik
 Director Francophone Affairs – Danielle Barbeau-Rodrigue

For information or bios on faculty members please visit the Faculty Affairs website


If you are aware of faculty who may be interested please encourage them to submit a nomination.  Alternatively, if your term is expiring in June of 2018 and you are interested in renewing it or applying please submit a nomination form.   If you are unsure if your current term is expiring that information is available under Membership.

Procedures and Timeline

·  Nomination Period (February 20 to March 9) or until filled

·  Voting Period (if necessary) (Mar 13 – 16 noon) or until required

·  Election Results – posted when available

·  Nominations and Elections Policy


1.     be nominated by one or more members of Academic Council or within their Division;

2.     be eligible faculty including both full time and stipendiary faculty from all Divisions

3.     be learners registered as full‐time students in good academic standing in a NOSM program

The terms will run for 3 years (July 1 to June 30) with the exception of Learners and Postgraduate Trainees (2 years (July 1 – June 30)

**Attendance and quorum is essential to conduct the business of Academic Council, therefore please review the dates for the future Academic Council meetings.  Meeting information

·  Bio / Electoral text of candidates (may be required for election)

Officer Positions ~ Chair and Vice Chair

The Chair shall perform the duties normally associated with this office, including presiding at meetings of the full Council and attending the Governance and Nominations Committee Committee meetings.  The Chair will supervise and execute Council business and convening regular and special meetings of Academic Council.

The Vice‐Chair assumes the responsibilities of the Chair when the Chair is absent or unable to serve.  The Vice Chair will chair and executive the business of the Governance and Nominations Committee meetings.

The Chair shall serve for a two‐year term that begin July 1 and end June 30 of the second year.  Where at all possible the Chair and Vice-Chair terms should be staggered.
Where applicable, the Governance and Nominations Committee may recommend an alternate term length.

The Vice-Chair shall serve for a two‐year term that normally begin July 1 and end June 30 of the second year. The term of the Vice-Chair cannot be extended.

For more information on Nominations please see the policy

**Nominations are only accepted if the vacancy is open until filled or if you are completing the forms within the eligible periods.

For general information please email

Committee Vacancies

Academic Council Appeals Committee – Open until Filled

Governance and Nominations Committee – Open until Filled

** Must be a current member of Academic Council

This webpage will contain a collection of documents and policies passed by the Academic Council, as well as associated procedures and guidelines which are currently in effect. This PDF collection is intended to function as a convenient reference. Although the Office of the Secretary for the Academic Council updates this site on a regular basis, it is impossible to ensure complete accuracy at all times. Therefore, the Office does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this electronic collection. In the event of any discrepancies between the policy documents formally passed and the PDF versions published, the former shall be the governing version.

To ensure that you have the final approved version or if you need to rely upon the latest of the policies for legal and other purposes please obtain a copy of the official version of the policy by writing to the Office of the Secretary at 

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Manager Policy and Governance Relations
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