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Photo of Gaa-taa-gwii - two eagle feathers on a red cedar with black, red, yellow, and white ribbon tied at the base of the eagle feathers.


Through a vision imparted upon Elder Langford Ogemah, he gave to the School as he was directed, Gaa-taa-gwii (meaning “to join, to help”). The two eagle feathers symbolize the separate and unique physical locations of NOSM’s two host university locations – Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and Laurentian University in Sudbury. The red cedar base represents Mother Earth, who eloquently joins everything and everybody together. The black, red, yellow, and white ribbon signifies many races of humankind, who are part of NOSM as learners, staff, faculty, and the various advisory groups. Lastly, the four colours represent the four directions and overall, the symbolism of all of the parts represents interconnectedness regardless of physical location.