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Our Selection Process

The selection for admissions procedure for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine is a five-stage process:

Stage One (October – January)

  • Applications are examined to ensure that all required documentation has been received and that the minimum admission requirements have been met.
  • Grade Point Average is calculated.
  • Application is scored.

Stage Two (late January)

  • Invitations to interview are sent to approximately 300 applicants.
  • Notices are sent to those applicants that are not being offered an interview.

Stage Three (March – April)

  • Interviews are conducted in both Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

Stage Four (April – May)

  • Applications of all applicants who were interviewed are reviewed. Applications are scored on the basis of the pre-interview and interview scores.

Stage Five (May)

  • Offers of Admission are sent to successful applicants and a waiting list is developed

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