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Section 2: Application Information

How do I apply to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine? 

Application to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine is through the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS). The on-line application can be found at www.ouac.on.ca/omsas. The application and all required supplemental documentation (e.g. academic transcripts, reference letters, etc.) are submitted directly to OMSAS. Please visit the OMSAS website, for detailed information on the application requirements and process.

Please visit the Application Information section for more information. 

Is there a limited number of spots available to "out of province" applicants? 

NOSM does not have any "out of province" spots or quotas, we consider all applicants by the same criteria: 1) the GPA, 2) the application questionnaire & autobiographical sketch and 3) context.  The context score is based on where you have lived and are living in Canada. 

Can my Referees submit their reference letters in French? 

Yes, if one ore more of your Referees are more comfortable providing reference letters in French we will accept them.  

I have a university degree from another country, can I apply?

Yes, provided you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. That is, you must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. You must have the equivalent to a 4 year undergraduate university degree (3 year if a mature applicant) from an accredited Canadian university.  Foreign degrees must be assessed by World Education Services (WES), The evaluation must include a program equivalency conversion, an overall grade point average conversion for each year of study, as well as a course-by-course conversion. Further information regarding WES and the process can be obtained by visiting their website at www.wes.org/ca 

I have an American WES evaluation. May I submit this in place of a Canadian WES evaluation? 

No. Foreign degrees must have a Canadian WES evaluation which involves converting the foreign academic credentials into their Ontario educational equivalents.

I attended CEGEP and then finished a degree at a university in Quebec. Am I eligible to apply? 

You are eligible to apply if you have completed the DEC (diplome d'etudes collegiales) from Quebec (CEGEP) and a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Quebec (3 years of university after the DEC). Completion of the DEC and the three years leading to a bachelor's degree from a Quebec university are considered the equivalent of a four year degree for the purposes of applying to the School.


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