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Non-Academic Considerations

Competitive applicants will demonstrate a high level of self-motivation, be self-directed and thrive in a small group, case-based, distributed learning environment.

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is seeking applicants who have a genuine interest in helping us to fulfill our mandate and to uphold our values. Criteria that will be examined include, but are not limited to:

  • growing up in a community in Northern Ontario;
  • demonstrated interest in living and working in Northern Ontario;
  • demonstrated interest in working with under serviced populations (no matter where they are);
  • ability to identify community needs and willingness to play a part in filling these needs;
  • ability to demonstrate compassionate care
  • cross-cultural experiences;
  • volunteer work;
  • extra-curricular activities.

Autobiographical Sketch/Supplementary Questions

Applicants are advised to list all activities that will give the School’s Admissions Committee insight into who they are. For instance, volunteer work is often perceived as only those activities that are organized by some organization; however, there are many forms of volunteer work. For instance, if you come from a farming community and you helped run the farm of a neighbour for a period of time when your neighbour was sick, this would be considered volunteer activity.

Versifiers/Contacts for Activities in Autobiographical Sketch/Supplementary Questions

You must provide the names of people who can verify the activities you list in your OMSAS application. Instructions on how to provide these names are part of the OMSAS application.  Activities that do not have a verifier are not included in scoring the Autobiographical Sketch and school submission questions.

NOTE: Please ensure that the verifier phone number you provide is current and accurate.

Context Scores

NOSM’s admission mandate is to admit a class whose profile reflects the demographics of the population of Northern Ontario. It is NOSM’s intention to maximize the recruitment of Northern Ontario students and/or students who have a strong interest in, and aptitude for, practicing medicine in northern urban, rural and remote communities. NOSM is also committed to recruiting Indigenous/Aboriginal,Francophone and Franco‑Ontarian students. NOSM employs a context scoring process to assess applicants based on where they have lived in Canada throughout their lives.


Three confidential assessment forms and letters of reference submitted by three referees are required. It is strongly recommended that one of these letters come from a member of the community or from a community organization, and at least one academic reference. References written in French will be accepted. 



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