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Francophone Applicants

We encourage applications from Franco‑Ontarian and other Francophone applicants. The language of instruction and assessment for NOSM is English; however, there are opportunities for clinical placements with French‑speaking clinicians in French‑speaking communities. Other opportunities for learning in the French language include educational resources, self‑directed groups and electives. If you choose the Francophone designation in your application for the purposes of the admissions process, you must be fluent in spoken French. In addition, you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • One parent is Francophone and you attended at least eight years of French school (not immersion).
  • You have a diploma from a French high school.
  • You can demonstrate use of French in daily activities and a connection to a Francophone community.

Those applicants that meet criteria C only will be required to provide a recommendation letter in French attesting to your connection to a Francophone community.  Choosing the Francophone Designation means more than simply being able to speak French.  Your referee should be someone who knows you well and can comment on your engagement and connection to the francophone culture and community.

NOTE: This documentation must be sent directly to OMSAS by October 1, 2016.

If you choose the “Francophone” designation on the NOSM application, you may be required to demonstrate your proficiency in spoken French.

Please note: By identifying as a Francophone applicant, and should you be successful in the admissions process, you will be identified as a Francophone student. Therefore, you will be required to include NOSM’s Francophone communities in the lottery ranking for their CCC (Comprehensive Community Clerkship) site selection process.


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