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Aboriginal Admissions Stream

Persons of indigenous ancestry, First Nations, Inuit or Métis, as recognized in the Constitution Act 1982, may voluntarily identify themselves as such. All self-identified Aboriginal applicants are considered under the General Admissions Stream, unless they choose the Aboriginal Admissions Stream.  Applicant who wish to be considered in the Aboriginal Admission Stream are required to:
  • Write a letter that declares your Aboriginal ancestry and give specific information about your First Nation, Treaty community or organizational affiliation.  The letter should include: 
    • why you would like to be considered as a candidate in the Aboriginal Admissions Stream
    • details about your cultural and personal background
    • examples of how you are culturally connected to your (a) Aboriginal community or (b) community
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from your First Nations, Band Council, Tribal Council, and Treaty, community or organizational affiliation. Choose someone who knows you well and can comment on your character and your suitability for medicine.
  • Provide proof of Aboriginal ancestry.
This documentation must be submitted to OMSAS by the application deadline date.

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine designates two seats in each year for Aboriginal students as an indication of our commitment to recruiting Aboriginal students; however, this is a minimum, not the total number of Aboriginal students whom the School will admit.

Applicants interested in the Aboriginal Admissions Stream are urged to contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment directly at 1-800-461-8777 (Canada-wide toll-free number) or  (807) 766-7317 for detailed information.


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