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Tips for Your Application


Be sure that you provide OMSAS with your transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions that you have attended. Make sure that your application is complete with OMSAS.


We do not process incomplete applications. Deadlines

WES Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts

  • If you submit transcripts for postsecondary education completed at universities outside of Canada or the United States, you are required to have your foreign documents assessed by WES. The evaluation must include a program equivalency conversion, an overall grade point average conversion for each year of study, and a course-by-course conversion. This requirement will be waived if you are completing foreign course work for 2 semesters or less (exchange programs).

    To meet NOSM’s minimum admission requirements, WES must evaluate your studies to be equivalent to a 4-year undergraduate, Canadian university degree (3-year degree for mature applicants).

    Find more information about WES evaluations.

    Note: Your WES report and a copy of your verified transcript must be sent directly from WES to OMSAS by October 1, 2016 
  • Please ensure that you have requested your assessment in plenty of time. 

Verifiers/Contacts for Activities in the Autobiographical Sketch/NOSM’s Supplementary Questions

You must provide the names of people who can verify the activities you list in your OMSAS application. Instructions on how to provide these names are part of the OMSAS application. Activities that do not have a verifier are not included in scoring the Autobiographical Sketch and school submission questions.

NOTE: Please ensure that the verifier phone number you provide is current and accurate.

Admissions Questionnaire

  • The admissions questionnaire is an important part of the application. It provides the Admissions Committee with insight into who you are and what your motivation is toward medical school.
  • Be sure to reflect on the questions and formulate thoughtful answers. Give specific thought to your motivation toward both medical school and a career in medicine and attempt to have your answers to the questions reflect this.
  • Check, check and triple check! Be absolutely sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors on your application. You may want to ask other people to read your submissions and provide you with their feedback. Be sure to answer the specific question that is asked. Be clear and concise and use examples to demonstrate your point. Just be sure to include a verifier with each example that you provide! 

Autobiographic Sketch

We seek applicants who have a genuine interest in helping to fulfill the mandate and uphold NOSM’s values. Criteria that will be examined include, but are not limited to the following:

  • growing up in a city, town, or in Northern Ontario;
  • demonstrated interest in living and working in Northern Ontario;
  • demonstrated interest in working with underserviced populations (no matter where they are);
  • ability to identify community needs and a willingness to play a part in filling these needs;
  • demonstrated interest in cross-cultural experiences; and
  • involvement in volunteer work and extracurricular activities.

You are advised to list all activities that will give NOSM insight into who you are. Volunteer work is often perceived as only those activities that are formally organized; however, there are many forms of volunteer work. For instance, if you come from a farming community and helped run a neighbour’s farm for a period of time when your neighbour was ill, this is considered a volunteer activity. A verifier for each of the activities listed must be provided 


  • Choose your references wisely. Make sure that you choose referees that have extensive personal knowledge of you and are in a position to comment on your character, personal qualities and academic capabilities. Be sure that your referees have known you for more than just a brief period of time!
  • Good choices for referees include individuals who know you well in the capacity of academics (professor), research (thesis supervisor), employment (supervisor), or volunteer or communities activities.
  • Poor choices for referees include: a friend or family friend; a family doctor who only knows you as a patient; or someone who doesn’t know you very well.
  • Also, be sure to follow up with your referees to make sure that they have submitted all of the required documentation by the deadline.



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