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General Surgery

The NOSM General Surgery Program offers residents a comprehensive training experience leading towards successful acquisition of certification in general surgery along with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively practice in a variety of community environments as a General Surgeon.

The five-year program provides trainees with exposure to the practice of surgery in regional clinical settings in the larger centres, as well as in smaller urban and rural locations in Northern Ontario. Graduates of the program can expect to gain valuable experience in diverse environments having spent a portion of their training in these Northern rural environments. In addition, graduates will also gain valuable experience and proficiency in subspecialty areas that are integral to community practice.

Based on the resident’s personal learning plan, the content, sequence of training and schedule of movement between teaching sites may vary. Years one and two comprise the core program (Surgical Foundations). At the completion of the core program residents will be eligible to take the Surgical Foundations Examination, which must be successfully completed prior to the fellowship exams. Please note that residents will require a laptop computer.


Content of Training - sample structure (PGY1&2 can be redistributed with approval of Program Director)


7 Blocks - General Surgery (Thunder Bay/Sudbury)

1 Block - Emergency Medicine

2 Blocks - Endoscopy (endoscopy call)

1 Block - GI medicine (with CTU call) or MCTU or Anesthesia

2 Blocks - General Surgery (community)



2 Blocks - Gen Surgery (community)

3 Blocks - ICU

3 Blocks - General Surgery - Acute Care Surgery (Sudbury/Thunder Bay)

2 Blocks - Thoracic or Vascular Surgery

2 Blocks - Trauma

1 Block - Research

LMCC II should be completed in PGY-2 year



3 Blocks - Pediatric Surgery

2 Blocks - General Surgery (community)

3 Blocks - General Surgery - Acute Care Surgery (Sudbury/Thunder Bay)

5 Blocks - Selectives / Electives (plan to be approved by RPC 6 months prior to beginning of academic year)

Resident must have passed Surgical Foundations exam prior to progressing on to PGY-4



13 Blocks in General Surgery or relevant surgical disciplines (alternating between Thunder Bay and Sudbury when possible)

-           Vascular Surgery

-           Surgical Oncology

-           Transplantation

-           Thoracic Surgery

-           Community Surgical Rotation

Maximum of 4 blocks outside of General Surgery

Maximum of 4 blocks away from NOSM

Alternate sites between chiefs



13 Blocks in General Surgery alternating between Thunder Bay and Sudbury (7 and 6 blocks)


Academics are delivered to the full resident group during two full day sessions, which occur every two months throughout the year. The residents will gather together for these academic days during protected time from clinical duties. Residents will also have the opportunity to participate in PGY1 Core Curriculum events, local community educational rounds, presentations, journal clubs and rounds through an Adobe Connect online classroom, as well as the Ontario Telemedicine Network. 

The Surgical Foundations program is delivered to the PGY1 & 2 group on a weekly basis, either face to face or via videoconference if residents are out of town.


All residents are expected to complete and present a minimum of two research projects over the five-year program. In discussion with the Program Director and Research Coordinator, up to one half-day per week can be set aside as protected time for research.  Research electives can also be arranged.   


Many aspects of NOSM's programs set it apart from more traditional residency routes, including:

  • Superior hands-on learning experiences within a variety of practices and clinical approaches through multiple levels of health care delivery
  • Early integration as a key member of a health care team
  • Community-based, clinical learning experiences
  • Self-directed, and learner-centred training
  • A team of dedicated preceptors committed to enhancing resident learning opportunities and clinical experiences
  • Exceptional lifestyle balance with a multitude of recreational opportunities unique to Northern Ontario
  • Exposure to the culture and social fabric of Francophone and Aboriginal communities
  • Access to the most advanced, state-of- the-art technologies in the industry
  • Travel support and accommodation for rotations away from residents’ home base
  • A strong commitment to resident education rather than resident service 

Application Information

To apply to this program, visit www.carms.ca and select the Northern Ontario School of Medicine's General Surgery program.

Contact Information

Dr. Pankaj Bhatia 

Program Director, General Surgery

Cyndy MacKenzie
Coordinator, Postgraduate Specialty Medicine
Tel: (807) 766-7444
E-mail: cmackenzie@nosm.ca 

Additonal Resources

General Surgery North is a group of General Surgeons affiliated with Health Sciences North and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine who provide elective and emergency general surgical services to the citizens of Greater Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario. For more information, visit www.generalsurgerynorth.ca






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