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Group 3: Medical Students and Residents Studying in Canada (Outside of Ontario)


Learners studying full-time in a Canadian province, other than Ontario, please note the specific Undergraduate and Postgraduate requirements for a NOSM Elective. Specific details are also included in the "Application Package" provided below.

Note: If you are a Canadian citizen studying outside Canada, you must refer to the International Learner section.


Travel and Housing Expenses

***PLEASE NOTE: The following policies are effective May 25, 2015. Additional information is available here. 

Visiting learners are responsible for their travel costs and housing, if required. However, should NOSM permanent housing be available for a rotation in the assigned community, learners may have access to NOSM housing at a subsidized rate of $125/week. That said, NOSM housing cannot be guaranteed until 4-8 weeks prior to the start of the rotation and we encourage learners to secure housing options. When possible, NOSM will provide contact information to community contacts to assist learners with sourcing housing in Northern Ontario communities.   


NOSM Application Fees

Learners studying in a Canadian province other than Ontario must submit an application fee of $200.00 for each discipline (e.g. Internal Medicine, Emergency Room). Cheques should be made payable to NOSM.

Application fees remain the same regardless of the duration of the clinical elective (e.g. two weeks or six weeks per discipline). Application fees are non-refundable under all circumstances.


Preceptor Searches – Undergraduate Learners

We will conduct our preceptor search for up to 8 weeks. Based on your specific situation, and if feasible, we may continue the search for a preceptor for an additional time period. If you state that you are open to alternative locations in your requested discipline, this would improve your placement success.

  1. You are not required to find your own preceptor; NOSM will do this for you. Although some learners may contact preceptors directly to discuss placement learning objectives, learners must refrain from discussing possible elective dates directly with the physician. This process is in place to ensure that all learners have equitable access to the available placement opportunities in Northern Ontario.
  2. Both core and elective rotations are available. A drop-down menu of available disciplines forms part of the “Online Application.”
  3. These site locations are possible through NOSM; some exceptions apply. The NOSM Electives Catalogue has been developed to assist you with your elective or core clinical placement selections in Northern Ontario. 

Duration of Clinical Electives

  1. We will accept clinical rotations of two or three consecutive weeks in duration except that NOSM housing is not available for these shorter electives.
  2. We will accept clinical rotations between four and eight consecutive weeks in duration, subject to a four-week minimum per discipline.
  3. Clinical rotations may be extended up to a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks for northern Ontario learners, as determined by NOSM. 

Application Package – Undergraduate Medical Students and Residents

  1. Undergraduate medical students must be in their clerkship years at the time of the clinical placement request date.  Online Application 
  2. Both undergraduate medical students and residents must complete an “Online Application” not less than 16 weeks prior to your proposed clinical start date.    
  3. Following receipt of your online application, your designated NOSM Clinical Placement Coordinator will contact you via email to outline the next steps in the application process, including where and when to send the applicable fees and the required documentation.  
  4. The following documents form the major components of your application package. Immunization Form | Sample Letter of Good Standing 
  5. Residents who have a confirmed placement, as determined by NOSM, must also submit a Certificate of Registration from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). A Member Update Form on Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) letterhead is also required for the duration of each NOSM Elective. If you have not already done so, please review and complete the CPSO Application at least six weeks prior to your clinical placement date.

Contact Information

Amanda Van de Ligt
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Out of Province Visiting Electives 
Tel:  705-662-7156
Fax:  705-662-6913
Email:  avandeligt@nosm.ca

Angèle Gladu
Manager, Clinical Placements
Phone: 705-662-7119
Fax: 705-662-6913
Email: agladu@nosm.ca



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