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Kristen Jacklin, Ph D.

kristen-jacklinNorthern Ontario School of Medicine
Laurentian University Campus
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, ON
Canada   P3E 2C6
Phone:       705-662-7277
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E-mail:       kjacklin@nosm.ca 



Current Position

Associate Professor, Medical Anthropology, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Faculty, School of Rural and Northern Health, Laurentian University

Faculty Investigator, Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research, Laurentian University 


Education and Training

2007 - Ph.D. McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)
Medical Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

1998 - M.A. McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)
Medical Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

1996 - Hons. B.A. University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON)
Anthropology and International Studies

Research Interests

Trained as a medical anthropologist and qualitative researcher, I have been engaged in community-based health research (CBR) with Aboriginal communities since 1998. My work concerns cultural constructions of health and illness and the intersection of Indigenous and biomedical healing traditions as they influence community-based and mainstream health care and Aboriginal health policy. I am interested and involved in health research that is linked to capacity building and empowerment in Aboriginal communities. My interests are in fair and equitable access to medical services and medical professionals for Aboriginal peoples; the provision of community and culturally appropriate health services; building community capacity for health research and community health services; and community empowerment.

Specific areas of expertise include:
Indigenous health research; age-related dementias and cognitive decline in Indigenous populations; Aboriginal health systems and policy research; community-based (participatory) research; qualitative methods; cultural and social constructions of health and illness; cross-cultural medicine and medical education.

Selection of Current Research


  • Perceptions of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) in Aboriginal peoples (principal investigator): This research investigates Aboriginal peoples’ unique experiences and understandings of age-related dementias within a cultural and political-economic framework. The project is funded by the Ontario Mental Health Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society Canada. 

  • Improving Health Equity for Northern Ontarians: Applied Health Research with Vulnerable Populations (co-investigator): Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research 

  • International Indigenous Dementia Research Network (IIDRN): In 2009, I founded and continue to lead the International Indigenous Dementia Research Network. This network connects academic researchers, graduate students, new investigators, community members, and policy workers interested in the study of dementia in Indigenous populations from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. The network facilitates research collaborations and sharing of knowledge between researchers, policy makers and community-based workers. Most communication among network members occurs on a secure web-based platform. Individuals sharing this research interest may request to join the network by contacting Dr. Kristen Jacklin. 

  • The Indigenous Health Research Development Program (role Co-PI): One of nine national Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research centres funded by CIHR. The IHRDP is committed to a student-centered and community capacity building approach to community-based Aboriginal health research. We assist with building a career structure for students in Aboriginal health research and focus our resources on community-driven research projects and knowledge translation concerning health-related issues in First Nations communities. 

  • Educating for Equity: Exploring how health professional education can reduce disparities in chronic disease care and improve outcomes for Indigenous populations (role co-PI): This is a multi-national initiative aimed at improving health outcomes for Aboriginal peoples through improved approaches to medical and health education. The Canadian team will seek to research, design, deliver and evaluate a medical educational approach for practicing physicians (CME) that seeks to enhance physician’s understandings of cultural and structural issues affecting the provision of appropriate diabetes care for Aboriginal peoples in Canada. This research is funded by CIHR for five years (2010-2015). 

Selected Publications

Jacklin, K., J. Walker and M. Shawande. (2013) The emergence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as a health concern among First Nations populations in Canada. The Canadian Journal of Public Health 104(1):e39-e44.  

Jacklin K., and W. Warry (2012) Forgetting and Forgotten: Dementia in Aboriginal Seniors. Anthropology and Aging Quarterly 33(1):13

Jacklin, Kristen and Wayne Warry (2011) Chapter 18: Decolonizing First Nations Health. In Rural Health: A Canadian Perspective. Judith C. Kulig & Allison Williams Editors. University of British Columbia Press. 

Jacklin, Kristen (2009) Diversity Within: Deconstructing Aboriginal Health. Social Science and Medicine Volume 68, Issue 5, Pages 980-989

Minore, Bruce; Jacklin, Kristen; Boone, Margaret; Cromarty, Helen. (2009) Realistic expectations; The changing role of paraprofessional health workers in First Nation communities in Canada'. Education for Health. 22(2):1-9.

Jacklin, Kristen and Phyllis Kinoshameg (2008). Developing a Participatory Aboriginal Health Research Project: “Only if it’s going to mean something.” Journal of Empirical Research of Human Research Ethics 3(2):53-68.

Lightfoot, N., Strasser, R., Maar, M. and Jacklin, K. (2008). Challenges and rewards of conducting research with northern, rural, and remote communities. Annals of Epidemiology 18: 507-514.

Farmer, T and Jacklin, K (2007). Matching Research With Evidence: Reorienting Aboriginal Tuberculosis Research in Canada. In Multiplying and Dividing: Tuberculosis in Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand. RAL-e (Research in Anthropology and Linguistics), University of Auckland, Department of Anthropology’s, refereed monograph series. Chapter 6 page 38, June 2008. 

Jacklin, K. (2007) Medical Anthropology. The Canadian Encyclopedia. Historica Foundation of Canada, (Invited Submission).

Jacklin, Kristen and Wayne Warry (2004).The Indian Health Transfer Policy: Toward Cost Containment or Self-Determination? In Unhealthy Health Policy: A Critical Anthropological Examination, edited by Merrill Singer and Arachu Castro. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press.


Selected Technical Reports and Community Publications

Kristen Jacklin and Jennifer Walker. (2012) Trends in Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias among First Nations and Inuit. Prepared for Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health, Home and Community Care Program (70 pages).

Kristen Jacklin (2012) International Indigenous Dementia Research Network Meeting Report. Ancillary Meeting of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference July 16, 2012. http://www.ihrdp.ca/media/docs/lega50ae8c76557f0-iidrn%20meeting%20report%202012.pdf

Jacklin, K and T. Farmer (2008). Diabetes Quality of Care Monitoring at the Wikwemikong Health Centre.

Jacklin, K.; T. Farmer and W Warry (2007). Introduction of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine in First Nations: A Review of the Literature. Prepared for the Assembly of First Nations.

Jacklin, K; T Farmer and W Warry (2007). HPV and First Nations: Focus Group Questions and Facilitator Guide. Prepared for the Assembly of First Nations.

Jacklin, K. (2007). Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve Diabetes Research Report.

Warry, W. and K. Jacklin 2005. Aboriginal Relationship Development and Training Manual for the Aboriginal Unit, Cancer Care Ontario.

Jacklin, K; W. Warry; A Mandamin; Megan Corbiere; T. Farmer (2005). Mnaamodzawin Health Services Health Transfer Evaluation Report.

Warry, W. and K. Jacklin (2004). Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve Health Transfer Evaluation Report.

Jacklin, K.; M. Maar and t. Farmer (2004). Medical Transportation Assessment for Urban Aboriginal People in Ontario, for the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres.


Selected Media Coverage

Indian Country Today Media Network (Print versions November 30, 2011), 

First Nation taking a cultural slant on treating dementia (Vancouver Sun) 

Giving Alzheimer’s patients a voice at the table (The Star) 





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